PHOTOS -"PRAISING SUZY"!!!!! · January 02, 2011
2011 is all about "PRAISE"!!
I'm stopping the complaining and starting the PRAISING.
When I flip through these 5 pictures I'm going to change my perspective.

Instead of seeing my daughter stuck in a wheelchair, now -
butterfly_pinkI'm PRAISING how well she is sitting in that chair with NO STRAPS or BUCKLES and NOT FALLING OUT!!!  woo hoo

butterfly_pinkI'm PRAISING her round & chunky tummy which shows how well she eats! (notice the old feeding tube scar next to her belly button?)

butterfly_pinkI'm PRAISING her laughter and her smile!!

butterfly_pinkI'm PRAISING that in at least one of the pictures she is NOT looking to the  left. She is looking straight forward. Her vision is improving!!!
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