Suzy was a healthy and happy 11 month old. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on Jan. 26, 2008.....

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Suzy was admitted to the Children's Hospital on January 27th and diagnosed with viral encephalitis, which is inflammation and swelling of the brain. She was in a coma and spent two very scary weeks in the ICU.  Suzy stablilized somewhat and moved into the hospital's rehab unit for 8 weeks. Suzy's most recent MRI indicates that she has suffered atrophy in her brain as a result of the seizures and inflammation, and has permanent brain damage.

At the present time she is unable to hold her head up, move her extremities, grasp an object, sit up, or even pay attention to a stimilus for more than a few seconds. Her doctor's have predicted that she will never be able to crawl, walk, communicate, talk, play, or even feed herself.  And there is nothing else they can do to help her.

However, children with brain damage frequently prove their doctors wrong. She could remain the way she is, or she could make some good recovery. Only time will tell. The brain takes a long time to heal and to re-learn the lost functions. Hopefully, because she is so young, other areas of her brain will take over for the damaged areas. We have chosen to believe that God WILL work a miracle with Suzy.  

Chris and I ,together with our two daughters Gracie and Maggie, are thankful for the support and prayers of so many during the hardest days of our lives. Without your love this challenge would not be possible. We are staying positive. We are filling up her life with HOPE, PRAYERS, and LOTS OF LOVE!!!


Chris and Whitney