PHOTOS-Sept. 2010 · October 01, 2010
September was a happy, healthy and busy month.
Gracie started middle school (6th grade), Maggie went to 3rd grade, and Suzy started preschool!!
Here's a few pics for anyone interestedwink_smile
FIrst day of school
Our 3 girls
Maggie - 8 years old - 3rd grade
Gracie - 11 years old - 6th grade
Suzy - 3 years old - preschool
Suzy and her beautiful teacher, Mrs. Beth
In school in her walker - and happy!!
"Love being in my walker and up with my friends"
PT at school - Miss Robin
Suzy's friends - Miss Kim, Zoey and Isabella
Vision Therapy - sitting on front of the computer
Playing with Daddy
Sister Love - how sweet
good morning - ready for the day