VIDEO-"Sit...Sit...Sitting" Aug. '10 · August 05, 2010
The past few weeks Jenny and I have been working with Suzy on SITTING by using a Balance Board. She is slowly getting better and better. She is starting to pull herself upright, and use her arms to reposition herself and push her body up. The Balance Board allows Jenny and I to "help" her without having to touch her. Yesterday she stayed up for 2 long minutes while my sister filmed her. SO PROUD!!
Warning - the video is 2 minutes longregular_smile

Click twice on the video box to start the video. I use a "FLIP" recorder to take my videos. Some people have said they can't view the videos that I post. You have to have 'quicktime' to view. (but I can always email you a video - that works everytime!wink_smile)